Do you have what it takes to get the world's coolest intern?? I Have!!

Exam Time!!! Time to play, time to study.. It's 3am.. Putting more effort for exams in a week time.

My team members and I with climbers from Korea, Singapore and Indonesia as well as others not in the picture at Asian Youth Championship 2008 Singapore.

Me with the white cap. Haha, me and my coursemates at a forest reserve in KK, Sabah. Really nice place though.

Can anyone spot me?? haha my 1st prize taking as a representative of Malaysian junior team for Rock climbing.

Me and my coursemates having fun on afireldtrip in KK, Sabah. haha maybe we can be in an advertisment for Chipsmore.

My team won second in the Camp5 Enduro rock climbing competition 2010 in 1 utama. Haha.. We are taking it gold next year!

Look, i won the eating competition in my Uni again!! Two years straight undefeated. The best part of it is to take part and maintaining the title. hahaha

Haha look nice right?? haha, just once awhile at least we get to enjoy good food. It's veeeeeeryy fresh!!!
Tong Siow Chew's b'day. A.K.A. Steven Tong's b'day. Yumm... Enjoying life in Manhattan Fish Market.
Just back from KK. Feel so weak!! Need to train back.. Coming back strong.. Cannot Lose it ALL. Cannot throw it down the drain. REVIVE time!!
Me and cousins and sis as well as unc snorkeling in the open sea in Phuket. Nice but i prefer Redang though.
Hard Rock Cafe that i went to have a look.. Haha, its so nice.. But the atmosphere's just not for me.
All i get for christmas are these 3 things!!! Sobssss.. Injuries after climb. Its good, i'll remember this christmas well!!
Me and my sis having a pic durin our trip.. Muahaha, not sure who took this pic too... But i think we're in Phuket..
Haha, going natural in Phuket.. hahaTry to get soewhere higher for pics..
Me in James Bond island.. Haha.. Really enjoying the heat and sun.. Good trip.. Muahaha